1. Payment
    I will send an invoice one month before the wedding, and this must be paid by card or bank transfer by the day before the service.
  2. Timings
    I will attend the venue in time to play from 15 minutes before the start time of the service. If, due to the lateness of the bride, the service has not finished 90 minutes after the published start time, I reserve the right to charge additional fees or leave.
  3. Cancellation
    In the sad event that the wedding is cancelled, some of the fees may be waived, but some may need to be charged. For example, the wedding fee is likely to be waived for the most part, but if I have already purchased music and begun learning it this will need to be covered. This is the case whether or not the fee has already been paid. I will always endeavour to minimise any such fees.
  4. Indisposition
    If I am unable to attend due to illness or other indisposition, I retain the right to send a substitute organist. I will cover the cost of this, even if it is more than the fee which has been paid.
  5. Audio and video recordings
    I am happy for audio and/or video recordings or streaming of my recordings to take place, and I do not charge a fee for this. I do, however, require a copy of the recording and to be allowed to use it for my own promotional purposes.